8 Reasons Why Machines Might Take Over Humans

If you have ever watched the movies The Terminator; I, Robot; or any other similar Sci-Fi movies with machines taking over humans, your most likely reaction would be “That will never happen!” or “This is just a piece of science fiction!”. And while we are truly far from witnessing such a thing, I don’t think it is wise to rule that out as a possible event.

For those who haven’t seen those movies, what happens is that machines somehow manage to take over the world and kill humans or, at least, dominate and control them. This has actually been a major science fiction theme during the last few decades (Y2K, anyone?).

While we are far from seeing something like that happening to us humans, a bit of careful thinking about the issue as well as some research led me to think that this IS a possible event (provided that we live that long to see it!).

Here are 8 reasons why:

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