Engineering at Work is a blog dedicated to spreading the word about what engineering and science have to offer to this world.

About 7 billion people are gracing the face of this Earth; and every single one of them has been touched by science and/or engineering in one way or another. From the USA’s Golden Gate bridge to Japan’s Asimo robot, engineering can be found all in between. In addition to some of the tangible engineering marvels,  engineering might also take on an intangible form that often go unnoticed.

We believe that science and engineering are more than just professions. We believe that they are the way to push humanity forward and enrich our civilization.

This blog is an ambitious attempt to shed some light on what applications engineering might have in store for this world. We will try to focus on engineering insights; thoughts and ideas; potential applications; ways of thinking; real cases of applications; etc. presenting them in an easy-to-read format even for a non-technical audience. This is to show how wonderful it is to ‘engineer’.

By ‘engineering’ we don’t just mean civil, mechanical, and/or electrical engineering but we will go as deep as Statistics and Probabilities, and maybe have some takes on artificial intelligence. We might even extract some insights from Quantum Mechanics, if need be. We will also try to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of the sciences and engineering since many fields nowadays are interdisciplinary.

We intend to deviate from the norm and stand out by putting engineering into simple, yet powerful, words in order to make it easily accessible to our readers of all ages. A broad and interactive audience is one of the main goals of this blog. You can help us by sharing with your friends and by commenting and discussing topics with the writers.

We aim to be a well-known blog in the near future (at least among engineers!). This will only be possible with the help of our readers. So, spread the word if you enjoy it! We will do our best to keep our topics as interesting as possible!

Together, to engineer a better Earth!


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